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We start this business as a trading company in the field of agro plantation and agricultural business commodities, such as coffee, essential oils and other spices.

The potential of agro commodities in general. Additional, it also trades natural products such as natural furniture, crafts and leather based products. For essential oils, we are ready to serve the market needs of several potential superior essential oils in indonesia such as : Patchouli oil, Clove leaf oil and Citrus oil.

Other potential agro Business are Commodities, Coconut and Cashew nut derivative products. Our sources of agro commodities are spread in several potential agro centers in indonesia, namely java, sulawesi and sumatra. On farm and off farm is managed in partnership and assistance to farmers network and professionally, so it’s not wrong if this is a business solution for the right choice of being a main partner in fulfilling agro commodities markets, whether kind, type, amount, quality and continuity. For export market.



The team consists of professionals with extensive experience with various expertise. They have strong ability in their field, reliable

in fostering good relations and building networks with clients, as well as strong commitment, in our opinion it is very important when establishing partnerships in building agro-industry networks to produce quality agro-commodity products with the potential to be able to satisfy clients. We have also built an extensive network and established good relationships with other professionals.


Indri P. Dwiputri, SE


“We provide Indonesian products.  If you are not satisfied with your communication, we are here to help you get better Products and Communications.
We can work on your behalf.  Buying from abroad can be very laborious and time consuming.  Let us be your supplier of raw materials and work on your behalf.”


Bobby Zulkarnaen, SE

“ One Stop Solution Business  and  Services”
You don’t see what you are looking for?  Let us know, as your SOURCING CONCIERGE, we will find it for you.


KBP ( Purn ) Achmad Sabri,SH.MH

“Trust and certainty in business is based on binding legal force.”

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